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News at hSenid

hSenid's Dawning of Excellence Program


We are happy to introduce the hSenid's Dawning of Excellence Program.The objective of this program is to developthe next level leaders to undertake the challenges of the complex business world.

This time it was offered to seven eager hSenidians for an accelerated career growth.

Program Overview :
A 12 months comprehensive internal training on interdisciplinary overview of core business functions. From strategic planning to finance, marketing, project management, and human resources. Participants will learn management frameworks that foster speed, innovation, and growth.

The program is tailored to individuals that want to be business leaders in entrepreneurial and growth oriented environments.


Happy Sixes cricket Match

hSenid Software International (Pvt) Ltd, recently organized the Annual Cricket Tournament. The tournament was held in Shalika Grounds, on 13th June, 2009.
The champion of the tournament was the One Sri Lanka, a team from HBS, which was captained by Chamaka Chathuranga. His team members were Wajira Wanigasekara, Ranil Wickramaratne, Bathiya Srinuwan, Dinesha Madushan and Uma Neelamagm.

Runners up team were a team from HMS, named Undisclosed captained by Prashantha Liyanage. His team members were Amila Silva, Yohan Fernando, Shamila Wickramasuriya, Jason Jebanesan and Anjula Kurukulasuriya.  Man of the Series award was given to Shamila Wickramasuriya. Man of the Match award was presented to Chamaka Chathuranga, Best Bowler was Bathiya Srinuwan and Best Batsman was Prashantha Liyanage.



Community project at Preetipura Lama Niwasaya on hSenid’s 12th Anniversary

The community project taken up by hSenid was a great success mainly due to the generous support given by the hSenidians.  Because of hSenidian support, the residents of the Preetipura Lama Niwasaya now have comfortable bedding, toys, various gift items, snack items, fruits, drinks and a newly color washed main hall.


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